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Golden Gate Park CHILI COOKOFF


The 2011 Cookoff is Saturday, October 29. Bring it. Getcher chili tasters on.


New for 2011

- Best costume awards for adults (one winner) and kids (all kids with costumes win an award)

- Mama's Kidz Korner: drinks, snacks and activities for the kids

- Voting exclusively by smartphone


Pioneer East Meadow
Located at the south side of JFK Drive, just east of the start of Stow Lake drive. Its western edge is the walkway near the Pioneer Log Cabin lawn. Click here for the Google map.


11:30 - noon - entrant set up & warm up

noon - 2:00 - tasting and voting (polls close at 2:15 sharp)

2:45 - awards ceremony

3:00ish - beer-in-hand kickball kick-off


We encourage a voluntary donation of $5 to attend. Donations can be made by Paypal or in cash at the cookoff. All donations will be used to offset the cost to put on the event.



Chili Entry Instructions:
Bring a giant batch of chili, a camping stove to heat it up, any accoutrements, and a small table. Then sign up at the event. Entertaining marketing materials encouraged but not required.

Tasting supplies (paper plates, napkins, small cups, and spoons) will be provided.


- grand champion

- runner up
- 3rd place

- most unique

- best veggie chili

- most likely to cause ass explosions

- best side dish

- best dessert

- best presentation
- best chili haiku
- best ___________ (you tell us - blank line competition)

- best costume: 1 adult prize will awarded by applause-o-meter; all kids with costumes get an award


We have moved to a smartphone-based voting system, so be sure to bring your smartphone to the event. If you don’t have a smartphone, bring your friend who does and use his or hers.

How This Got Started

Nine years ago, two strangers who met at Mission Bar decided to stage an event to pit their friends against one another in a ferocious game of beer-in-the-hand kickball. Because it was fall, because we craved the goodness of red hot chilies, and because we’re competitive, we decided to make it a Chili Cookoff.

2008 Grand Champion Winners, with “the Perfect Storm chili”